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... Sapphire ... פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ ...

PaZaM-tech (1991) Ltd

צור קשר

פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ


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========= צור קשר =========

We are proud to be the exclusive in-country distributor for Meller Optics,
an American manufacturer who began working with hard crystalline materials in 1921; and,

for Laser Research Optics
a leading American manufacturer of CO2 Laser (IR) Optics.

(Meller acquired LRO in 1996.)

For the complete catalog of Sapphire (etc) Optics, click here.

For the complete catalog of CO2 Laser (etc) Optics, click here.

For a list of DISCOUNTED production over-runs & over-stocks, click here and here.

מותאמות לצרכיך

פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ


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