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... Frame Grabbers ... פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ ...

PaZaM-tech (1991) Ltd

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פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ

PIXCI® ECB1-34 מבצע

For LapTops:
only U$D 595 (לא כלל מע"מ)
delivered & installed (בארץ)

Frame Grabbers!

We sell complete Camera-Cable-Card sets [here].

We sell Camera Link Cables [here].

NEW: Our E8 boards support the new CL-Extended Deca 10-tap mode
featured in the new AVT Bonito and other high-bandwidth CameraLink cameras.

NEW: Our E8 boards also support the new PIV mode and the
new Dual AOI mode featured in the newest AVT Bonito cameras.

Learn more about Camera Link [here].

NameType(s)BusData RateBurst Rate
Data rates can be PC-dependent OS-dependent
LapTop! EC1 1x CL-Full-Medium-BaseExpressCard/54191 MB/s250 MB/s
LapTop! ECB2 2x CL-BaseExpressCard/54191 MB/s250 MB/s
LapTop! ECB1-34 1x CL-BaseExpressCard/34191 MB/s250 MB/s
E8 1x CL-Full ... 2x CL-BasePCI Express x8850 MB/s1,000 MB/sCL-Extended Deca 10-tap mode
E4 1x CL-Full ... 2x CL-BasePCI Express x4700 MB/s1,000 MB/s
EL1DB 2x CL-BasePCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/s
EL1 1x CL-Full-Medium-BasePCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/s
CL2 1x CL-Full-Medium-Base64-bit 66-MHz400 MB/s
PoCL EB1P 1x CL-BasePCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/sPower Over CameraLink
EB1 1x CL-BasePCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/s
CL1 1x CL-Base32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/s
D3X RS-422 & LVDS32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/s4 channels (32 bits)
D2X RS-422 & LVDS32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/s2 channels (24 bits)
WSGA+, UXGA, RS-343, more
PCI Express x4700 MB/sinputs: 3x BNC + 1x DB15
simultaneous capture
synchronous or asynchronous
from TWO (2) analog(*) cameras
PCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/sinputs: 2x BNC; half-height
SV5 analog(*), S-video32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/sinputs: 2x BNC + 1x S-video
SV5A analog(*)32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/sinputs: 3x BNC connectors
SV5B analog(*) REPEATER32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/s1x BNC In; 1x Loop-thru BNC Out
SV5L analog(*), S-video32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/sSV5, but low-profile, no TTL input
SV5S analog(*), S-video32-bit 33-MHz110 MB/s132 MB/sSV5, but separates vertical sync signal
(*) analog = PAL, RS-170, CCIR, NTSC
SI4 4x Silicon Video CMOS Cameras PCI Express x4700 MB/s1,000 MB/smix'n'match any 1-4x Silicon Video Cameras
SI2 2x Silicon Video CMOS Cameras PCI Express..mix'n'match any 1-2x Silicon Video Cameras
SI1 1x Silicon Video CMOS Camera PCI Express x1204 MB/s250 MB/sfor 1x Silicon Video Camera

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We sell complete Camera-Cable-Card sets here.

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We are proud to be the exclusive in-country distributor for Epix,
an American manufacturer building PIXCI® FrameGrabbers since 1983.

פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ


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