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... Simultaneous Capture ... פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ ...

PaZaM-tech (1991) Ltd

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פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ

PIXCI® SV-7 מבצע
Asynchronous or Synchronous
Dual Independent Capture
from TWO (2) Analog Video Cameras
only U$D 495 (לא כולל מע"מ)
delivered & installed (בארץ)

also available with a "low profile" short bracket

We sell many different Frame Grabbers [here].

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We sell complete Camera-Cable-Card sets [here].

The Epix PIXCI® SV7 digitizes analog video from one or two standard composite video cameras (NTSC, RS-170, PAL or CCIR). The two inputs are independent, allowing capture of different resolutions, frame rates, and video formats. Digitized video is transferred to the PCI Express bus at video rate. As a PCIe bus master, the Epix PIXCI® SV7 board transfers image data without using the host computer's processor. Images may be transferred, at full or reduced frame rates, to computer memory for processing and/or analysis by the host computer's processor(s), or to other targets on the PCI Express bus.

The Epix PIXCI® SV7 has two BNC jacks for composite video input. Live video from both cameras may be displayed on the computer's monitor at the same time. Programmable gain, hue, brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments can condition the video signal. SMA connectors provide TTL Trigger In and Strobe Out. Up to 4 Epix PIXCI® SV7 boards, in one computer, can capture at the same time from up to 8 video sources.

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We are proud to be the exclusive in-country distributor for Epix,
an American manufacturer building PIXCI® FrameGrabbers since 1983.

פז"מ-טק (1991) בע"מ


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